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Community Pharmacies

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New Medicine Service and Targeted Medicine Use Review service (October 2011)

The News Medicine Service (NMS) is designed to provide early support for patients to maximise the benefits of their medication. It is well recognised that patients often do not take their medicines as intended by the prescriber; this is reflected in the ever increasing amounts of unused and unwanted prescribed medicines returned to the pharmacy for safe disposal. When patients do not take their medicines correctly they not only waste NHS resources through the amount of medicines wastage but by not taking their medicines as intended they do not achieve the intended good health outcomes and improved quality of life which in turn results in increased hospitalisation and mortality. Medicine Use reviews (MURs) aim to improve a patients understanding, knowledge and use of their prescribed medicines. They are particularly useful for patients with chronic conditions who need to take their medicines over long periods of time and who find it useful to be reminded about their medicine use on an annual basis.

Further information about these two services provided by Community Pharmacy can be found in the GP Briefing Document

Medicines Use Review (MUR)

A Medicines Use Review is a confidential appointment with a community pharmacist for a patient to discuss their medicines. It will enable the patient to ask any questions that they may have about their medicines, allowing the patient to find out more about them, and have the opportunity to try to resolve any problems that they may be having with their medicines.