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NHS Constitution - pdf the NHS belongs to us all (526 KB)

Together We’re Better -Together We’re Better is your partnership of local NHS provider trusts, CCGs, local government organisations and independent and voluntary sector groups that is working together to transform health and care services in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. Through a series of clinically-led work programmes, the partnership has been working together to identify areas of innovation, integration and, most importantly deliver better and more joined up care for patients to achieve its vision of ‘Working with you to make Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent the healthiest places to live and work’. For more information about Together We’re Better, visit

September 2018 E-Bulletin from National Association for Patient Participation E-Bulletin from National Association for Patient Participation Issue Number 132 containing latest NAPP news and diary updates.

Patient participation in primary care: Why is it important? - A paper clarifying the importance to GPs of involving patients in the wider aspects of the organisation of health care, as well as in their personal care, and demonstrates why GPs need to work with the patients in their practice in order to fulfil aspects of the GP curriculum and revalidation. The article explains how successful collaborative working between patients, GPs and the practices can be achieved for the considerable benefit of all.  Follow the link to download the full document.

Dedicated LPC patient facing website - A dedicated website has been created to keep patients and the public up to date with information about local pharmacies. The website has been created by Staffordshire and Stoke Pharmacies and provides useful information about services available from your pharmacies across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

You can visit the website to find out about the different members of staff you might meet in your local pharmacy, the general services they provide and also information about some of the more special services now being offered.

There is a link for you to contact Staffordshire and Stoke Pharmacies directly if you have any queries or comments about the services you have received.

To visit the website -

New GP Online Services guide for - Patient Participation Groups members - A new guide has been created to help Patient and Participation Group (PPG) members support their GP practices in encouraging patients to sign up for GP Online Services. The guide - Patient Participation Groups: What you need to know about GP Online Services gives ideas and tips that PPG members can use to support their GP practices, as well as resources, to help promote the use of GP Online Services. It also provides more information on how practices can register patients to use online services and help relieve some of the pressure on staff. 

New GP Online Services practice guide for the flu season - A new flu guide has been launched by NHS England Primary Care Digital Transformation to support GP practice staff in encouraging their patients to register and book their flu clinic online this autumn and winter.The guide- Flu Season: Making the most of online appointments includes information on how flu clinics can be used to register patients for online as well as providing information and links to further resources on the wider benefits of GP Online Services for both patients and practices. CCGs will wish to cascade this to GP Practices in their area.

PPG members pack - Moorland Medical PPG have been working on a PPG members pack which can be accessed by following the link and modified to suit your own PPG. The Key document follows the 4 areas from the NAPP Building Better Participation document.

Booking Community Fire Station Rooms for meetings

Telephone numbers to book a meeting room at Community Fire Stations - 

  • Newcastle Community Fire Station ring 01785 898897
  • Hanley Community Fire Station ring 01785 898760
  • Leek Community Fire Station ring 01785 898501

Patient Leaflet – what happens when you are referred by your GP to see a Specialist? NHS England, together with the British Medical Association and the National Association for Patient Participation, have produced a leaflet for patients to understand what they can expect if they are referred by their GP to see a specialist or consultant at a hospital or a community health centre. Follow this link to access the leaflet.

How does the NHS in England Work - an alternative guide a whistle-stop tour from the Kings Fund of how the NHS works in 2017 and how it is changing