Men can lose weight

So it’s New Year and time to make those resolutions –to be fitter and more healthy. Your doctor or practice nurse can guide you to a healthier lifestyle, but you might learn even more from others who’ve succeeded in what you want to achieve. So this week let’s learn from a local man, Rob, who’s cut his overweight from 19stones 8 lbs to a much healthier 16stones 3lbs, losing more than 15% of what he weighed six months ago.

Rob has lots of golden rules which underpin how he’s succeeded in dropping so much weight. It’s okay or even normal, to feel hungry – so reset your need and pattern to eat so regularly. Cut out sandwiches and junk food such as crisps or chocolate from your usual diet and substitute with healthy alternatives like fruit, salads.

You need to realise that there are healthier alternatives to most sorts of food and drink that you can opt for. So choose skimmed milk over full fat milk. Go for boiled vegetables instead of roast potatoes or fried parsnips. Choose water or a ‘diet’ version of a fizzy drink rather than sugar loaded lemonade or coca cola. Look at the calorie content of the food listed on meal menus in some restaurants or cafes and select a low calorie option.

Rob’s tips for cutting down on alcohol are important too if you want to lose weight. Here are some. Just drink alcohol on one evening a week. Consider alternative drinks to those you usually choose – eg a little vodka with diet lemonade; or a shandy instead of full blown beer. Consider having a hot drink like tea instead of an alcoholic drink when you’re eating out. Don’t store spare alcoholic drinks in your fridge at home – then make it as difficult as possible to have such a drink just because it happens to be there. If you’ve a stash of alcoholic drinks or fatty foods left over after you’ve held a social event at home – transfer them somewhere else out of your kitchen and fridge– like freeze the food or give the alcohol away. 

Rob describes how he weighs the pleasure/pain for any food or drink or lifestyle choices. Ask yourself how much pleasure do you get now from eating that extra chocolate or next glass of wine – is that really worth the pain in the future from gaining the weight or being inebriated? And if you’ve resolved to eat more healthily or drink less alcohol it’s not just the pain of weight gain or liver damage it’s about feeling bad about yourself- that you’ve let yourself down. You can apply this to working out in the gym too or doing other exercise regimes at home – balance the pleasure and pride you’ll get in the future from your fit & honed body versus the pain of doing that exercise. So become happier by sticking to your New Year resolutions that are focused on a healthier lifestyle.