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Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy Infant Formula Milk

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Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy Infant Formula Milk – Survey

At the moment across the whole of Staffordshire, CCGs spend around £1 million each year on funding infant formula milk for babies and children who have cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA). Parents and carers of those babies pay nothing for these alternative products but are eligible to claim them via free prescriptions.

To help the six CCGs make things fairer for everyone, and to save money, the CCGs are considering replacing free prescription CMPA infant formula milk with a voucher scheme.

Under the voucher scheme GPs will issue an instruction to pharmacies to supply CMPA formula milk at a discount so that the price of CMPA formula milk is comparable to standard infant formula milk. That would mean, whether or not babies had CMPA, their families would all pay around the same for the infant formula milk their babies needed.  

This scheme would apply to children up to the age of 13 months.

We are currently exploring with Public Health England whether families on lower incomes could be eligible to claim an additional contribution under the Healthy Start Scheme.

To help us gather views, a survey and engagement work took place between 22 January and 4 March 2018.

The results from the survey are available -  pdf CMPA Infant Feeds Surveys Report March 2018 (709 KB)


Additional information

The cost of infant formula milk for a child with CMPA is considerably higher than that of regular formula – ranging from £20 to £56 per 800g for specialist formula against £10 for regular formula.

To help make this fairer for everyone, the new proposal is to subsidise the cost of CMPA infant formula milk, meaning that the cost to the family would be around £10 – the same as the cost of standard infant formula. Families on lower incomes may be eligible for an additional subsidy.